Thursday, November 24, 2011

Latest Geomagnetic Weather Forecast easily accessible by any humanized manly Android-based smart phone !


If you only play an astronaut on TV like me, now you too can easily check the current SPACE weather just by scratching the face of your smart phone !  I don't have any relationship with the developer of this smart-phone app, so put your tin foil hat on and do your own due diligence.

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And now to the news:

Elecont Software's "Weather for Android" released with Geomagnetic Storm capability

"The new version of the Elecont Weather 3.7 for Android released.

"The new version adds a geomagnetic storms forecast. This feature, together with indicator of large changes in pressure and warning of extreme weather events is very important to people, responding to changes in weather.

"Now Elecont Weather is the most informative android application about environment: current weather and weather forecast from different weather providers, weather alerts, last earthquakes, live radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, pressure changes indicator and moon and sun calendar.

"Also in new version added:

- Geomagnetic storm forecast;
- New widgets: Geomagnetic storm, Weather Alerts, Precipitation amount, Ultraviolet, Sunset and sunrise;
- New status bar indicators: Geomagnetic storm, Precipitation amount, Ultraviolet;
- Widgets preview;
- New widget options;
- New time widgets: analog and LED; and
- US Radar runs three times faster."

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EMP Defense Council -- Preparing for Electro-Magnetic Pulse

(1) Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Defense Council(C) Founded in San Diego, California on Pearl Harbor Day

(2) The EMP Defense Council(C) Announces the Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Priority Hardening List Ranked by Industry Vulnerability, and Proposes a Markets-Based Approach to Addressing Solar or Nuclear EMP Events

(3) EMP Defense Council(SM) Highlights Calculable Risks of Solar Cycle Peak in 2013