Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great Southwest Blackout caused by butterfly flapping wings in Arizona?


Imagine then the sun flapping its wings ? -- as in an EMP event (flare + coronal mass ejection)

Dateline: 08-09 September 2011 (San Diego, CA)


In temperatures ranging from 80 - 115 degrees Fahrenheit, 5 - 6 million people lost power for 5 - 24+ hours in the Great Southwest (Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico & Northern Mexico) causing 100s of millions to a few billion dollars of damages from business interruptions and loss/spoilage of food, medicines and biological materials requiring refrigeration. 

The root cause of The Great Southwestern Blackout? -- possibly a single butterfly (utility company employee?) in Arizona (not Beijing) flapping its wings -- as Chaos Theory and the article cited below tell us.

A secondary cause for all the damages ? -- 100s of thousands of businesses, schools, universities, research institutes and private citizens tooo cheap or foolish enough to trust their utility company to provide a non-stop uninterruptible fail-proof power supply.  In particular the percentage of businesses without back-up generators was roundly stunning.  Duh.  Duhmb and duhmber.

So if one mindless butterfly in Arizona can cause so much damage to the grid and American business, imagine an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) event such as a nationwide or hemispheric geomagnetic storm (solar flare + coronal mass ejection).  Hence the projection from NASA that the economic damages in the U.S. alone would equal "20 Katrina's" = U.S.$ 1 - 1.25 TRILLION.  Not billion.  Trillion.

Katrina is the best recent example of Chaos Theory effects on a regional or national economy during a negative black-swan event.  "Never again" most people would say, but "Back-ups for the back-ups" is a more realistic slogan for American business survival.

Now the article:

"Major power outage hits from San Diego to New Mexico on Thursday"

The Weather Space -- 08 Sept 2011

"... The internet is abuzz with possible reasons.  An X-Class solar flare erupted from the Sun a couple days back which could result in a solar storm today or tomorrow.  Then you have the more realistic reason being the hot temperatures over 115 degrees overloaded the grid in the desert, causing the blackout. ...

"Others tell it was traced to someone removing a piece of monitoring equipment at a power substation in Southwestern Arizona."


Reference for Chaos Theory:


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