Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forbes reports: "Powerful Solar Storm Could Render Satellites Inoperable For Years"


...meaning GPS-dependent industries are SOL (sadly out of luck), and crappy hurricane forecasts / tracking will be the norm for a decade, and military intelligence will be hugely impaired for years, and ..... plus, plus, plus....

Now the article:

14 Sept 2011 --

"Last October, around Halloween, the Sun produced a solar storm that was one of the largest ever recorded, and was strong enough to raise some concerns about the safety of Earth’s satellites.

"According to a recent paper published in Space Weather, such concern may well be justified.  If its conclusions are correct, then a solar storm the size of one that was observed in 1859 could potentially kill several weather, telecommunications, and military satellites in less than a year."



Reference also:

"Profound change of the near-Earth radiation environment caused by solar superstorms"

SPACE WEATHER, VOL. 9, S08007, 13 PP., 2011

doi: 10.1029/2011SW000662


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