Thursday, November 24, 2011

"The Great Southwest Blackout" --Vol. II -- low-watt dimwit saga shines bright light on infinite failings of overly-complex systems


Recent Southwest U.S. Blackout a Tempest in a Teapot Compared to Fallout from Solar Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

And just wait until a major solar storm or severe space weather causes a weeks- or months-long blackout.  The failure of a back-up generator at a San Diego hospital described below is especially Illuminating ! -->>

Back-ups for the back-ups !

And even redundancy may fail flatly during a regional, national, or hemispheric EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) event.  Got one back-up generator?  Sorry, that won't cut it in an EMP event.

Now, here's the local San Diego blackout updates:


San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) opens blackout claims process

15 Sept 2011


SDG&E [ San Diego Gas & Electric ] Sued by San Diegans;

Local businesses filed a class-action suit against the power company

16 Sept 2011 -- NBC San Diego


Scripps Mercy Hospital [ in San Diego ] probed after generator fails

16 Sept 2011 -- San Diego Union-Tribune


"Scripps Mercy Chula Vista was the only hospital out of 19 in San Diego County to totally lose emergency power during the blackout.  It also is one of just two hospitals in the county with only one emergency generator.  The other is Sharp Coronado Hospital."


"Gammiere and Tim Collins, Scripps Health corporate vice president for support services, said they will recommend buying a portable generator that could cost $1 million, to station at the Chula Vista hospital.  All five Scripps hospitals also should have an extra fuel pump and hookups for the portable generator, they said."



Outage had roots in Mexico, too;

Transmission official says Yuma [ Arizona ] was not the only problem

16 Sept 2011 -- San Diego Union-Tribune


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