Thursday, November 24, 2011

EMP Defense Council(sm) Youtube video posted -- Vivacious post-mortem explanation of the dier [ sic ] after-effects of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) events


For those of you who prefer video inputs over textual, Ms. Desi Ivanova, Head of Business Development for the EMP DEFENSE COUNCIL(sm) in San Diego, California, has recorded the first educational Youtube video for the Council. 

Titled "Transform the Storm" -- the video explains the negative impact of EMP events such as solar storms and how companies should try to transform such adverse space weather into a business opportunity, instead of viewing geomagnetic storms as another major business-continuity expense.

You can view the video here -- recorded in the dim candle light that will prevail for weeks, months or even years after an EMP event and the resulting predicted pandemic electrical grid collapse:


Finally, Desi's slides presented in the video may be obtained by contacting me directly by courier, passenger pigeon, Pony Express, smokes signals -- or by regular email -- not by LinkedIn email.

And do print a hard copy of the slides on biblical papyrus for an indelible monastic Posterity before your computer and printer's fragile integrated circuits no longer function.

Very electro-magnanimously yours,

David A. Palella
[ Electro-Magnetic Pulse Defense Council(sm) ]

San Diego, California
cell: 619-787-5767

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