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Remember: Geomagnetic Storms Fry the Electric Grid from Top **AND** Bottom !


1859 Carrington Event = the Mother of alll Global Electrocution Sandwiches!

This article below will remind us all that severe geomagnetic storms cause not only powerful subterranean ground currents that can fry power station transformers from the bottom up (a la Quebec in 1989), but they also cause equally powerful above-ground flux in the Earth's magnetic lines of force causing large voltage spikes in allll loooong conductors -- such as copper telephone and power transmission lines -- thus also frying power station transformers from the top down.

Many commentators forget the threat to the grid is *dual* -- including both high-voltage torpedoes and air-to-air missiles.

Sadly, large transformers (and capacitors) will become the meat in a high-voltage sandwich.

So not only are ground resistors needed for every transformer in the U.S., but also allll transmission lines would have to be disconnected from every transformer to save the equipment in the case of a geomagnetic storm.

In short -- hee hee -- the entire grid would have to be shut down regionwide or nationwide before it was shorted out.

Gentlemen, ssssssstarrrrrrt your back-up generators !! -- and pray they survive dual voltage surges too !!

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Now let's cut to the article:

"Sept. 2, 1859: Telegraphs Run on Electric Air in Crazy Magnetic Storm"

By Alexis Madrigal -- Wired Science

02 Sept 2011

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"On Sept. 2, 1859, at the telegraph office at No. 31 State Street in Boston at 9:30 a.m., the operators’ lines were overflowing with current, so they unplugged the batteries connected to their machines, and kept working using just the electricity coursing through the air.

"In the wee hours of that night, the most brilliant auroras ever recorded had broken out across the skies of the Earth.  People in Havana and Florida reported seeing them.  The New York Times ran a 3,000-word feature recording the colorful event in purple prose."


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