Monday, September 5, 2011

NASA Hosts News Conference on Solar Flares on 07 Sept 2011


Washington, DC (01 Sept 2011)

"NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, to discuss new observations about solar flares that can impact communication and navigation systems.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, is providing new data and images for scientists to better understand the sun's dynamic processes, which can affect Earth.  The spacecraft launched in February 2010.

Teleconference participants are:

-- Madhulika Guhathakurta, SDO program scientist, NASA Headquarters

-- Tom Woods, principal investigator, SDO Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE), University of Colorado, Boulder

-- Rodney Viereck, director, Space Weather Prediction Testbed, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, Colorado

-- Karel Schrijver, principal investigator, SDO Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, Palo Alto, Calif.

-- Rachel Hock, EVE instrument scientist, University of Colorado, Boulder

To participate in the teleconference, reporters must contact Steve Cole at 202-358-0918 or by 9 a.m. EDT on Sept. 7 for dial-in instructions."

Audio of the teleconference will be streamed live on the Web at:


Supporting information for the briefing will be posted at:


NASA Contact:

Steve Cole
Headquarters, Washington
tel: 202-358-0918



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